Roller Skating 

Roller Skating Parties

Roller skating parties are held for each grade level, with the exception of kindergarten. Parties are school-sponsored events but utilize PTSA Volunteers. Information from the school will be sent home about a week before the event.

Helmets are required for any student participating in a roller skating party.


Schedule for the 2019-20 School Year: 

Check back soon for 2019-20 schedule

First Grade: 10/30/19, 2/12/20, 5/27/20

Second Grade: 10/23/19, 2/5/20, 5/20/20

Third Grade: 10/16/19, 1/29/20, 5/13/20

Fourth Grade: 10/2/19, 1/22/20, 5/6/20

Fifth Grade: 9/24/19, 1/14/20, 4/28/20


Volunteers Needed

PTSA volunteers help at roller skating parties by assisting students with putting on skates and supporting students that need an extra hand while skating. Sign up to volunteer. Current sign ups will be posted on the volunteer page. 


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