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Friday March 3, 2023

International Day

International Day

This is a school-wide, day-long celebration of the MCE staff's, students' & families' amazing array of cultural & ethnic traditions. 


Would you be available to share your ethnic/cultural tradition, or do you know anyone else who might be? 


Did you ever live abroad? Where? What was it like? 

Does your MCE student visit relatives in another country during school vacations?


Do you have any international art, music, storytelling, athletic, or dance traditions you and/or your MCE students can share with classmates, friends & teachers?

We need you to make this day a success!


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help organize the event and to volunteer on the event day to decorate, assist students, and work at booths. To witness this incredible event, you must be a volunteer! Whether you have an hour or an entire day, we welcome you to International Day. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the volunteer page as they come up.

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