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About MCE

Mendon Center Elementary School is often referred to as MCE; it is the largest in both building size and number of students of the 5 elementary schools in the district, with 700 to 800 students in grades K-5. Most grade levels have 5 or 6 classes. Kindergarten classes are currently half day and broken up into morning and afternoon classes. The school district expects it will begin full day kindergarten no later than 2019, though the change is still subject to approval.

Newcomer Gathering

MCE PTSA hosts a Newcomer gathering at the end of the summer, before school starts. During the school year, newcomers have an opportunity to ask questions at monthly MCE PTSA meetings. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet parents at the school. Contact the PTSA Newcomer Representative for dates and detailed information.

PTSA Newcomer Chair

Ninoska Sohn, 585-267-7567

Renee McQuillen, 585-329-5541

Useful phone numbers

MCE Main Number: 585-267-1400

You will most likely speak with Jeanne Byrnes, Martha Pradhan, or Rubie Times.

Heath Office: 585-267-1440

Bus Garage: 585-267-1480

Attendance Line: 585-267-1409

If your child is going to be absent from school, you must report it through the attendance line.

School Directory

All families receive a printed school directory each year. To be included, families must submit their contact information online. New families arriving after distribution will receive a directory in the Newcomer Packet. Ask at the school office if you didn’t receive one. To be included in the Addendum, which comes out in Jan/Feb, visit the Student Directory page and complete the online form. This form is also used to create and update Class Friendship Lists. Families use the class list for birthday invites, playdates, etc. and some teachers use it for communicating class information.

Websites and Information

This is the MCE PTSA website. Do not confuse it with the Pittsford Central School District Website. They are maintained independently, although they do share ideas and link to each other.

The District PTSA website and the MCE PTSA website are maintained by the Pittsford PTSA volunteers and provides information about PTSA sponsored programs, as well as helpful information about our school.

The District website is maintained by District employees and focuses on district information.

Bookmark these pages for quick reference:

MCE PTSA Home Page

District PTSA Home Page

School District Home Page


Stay informed with weekly E-News and Updates. It is recommended that you register for the following PTSA lists:

  • Mendon Center E-News (known as the MCExpress; published weekly on Fridays),
  • District PTSA E-news (published every second week on Tuesdays)
  • Other PTSA groups of interest


Register for School District Updates

Room Parents

Each classroom has two volunteer room parents. The school directory lists the room parents for each class. Be sure to contact your child’s room parent with your contact information.

Pick up and Drop Off

All Grades: Parents/guardians are required to enter the building to sign in/out their child if arriving late, leaving early, or leaving the building for any reason during normal school hours

Grades K-3: Parents/guardians are required to sign their children into and out of the building at the front desk when arriving or leaving at normal arrival and dismissal times. Park your car in the parking lot and enter through the main doors of the school (near the flag pole). Do NOT park in the bus loop.

Grades 4 & 5: Parents/guardians do not have to go into the school if picking or dropping off at normal arrival and dismissal times. Drop off your child at the side door to the school (facing Mendon Center Road) Do NOT park in the bus loop. 4th and 5th graders are also allowed to walk to and from school, if they have a permission slip on file with the main MCE office.

Note: morning announcements start at 8:40am; if your child arrives at school after 8:40am, they will be considered late for school.

Permission Slips (Arrival/Dismissal)

MCE requires permission slips to inform the school about your child's comings and goings if it differs from normal routines. This includes things such as appointments during school hours and after school activities at school. Make sure you have copies of these permission slips. Print them here.

School Lunches

Students in Grades 1-5 have lunch at school. Students can pack a lunch, buy a lunch with cash, or money can be added to a lunch “debit” card. Lunch cards are kept at school and handed out when a student buys lunch. To put money on this card, visit My School Bucks.

Parents may have lunch with their children. Sign in at the front desk, get a visitor sticker and meet your child in the cafeteria (please do not go to their classroom).

Recess is FIRST, then lunch. Lunch begins about 20 minutes after the start of recess. Lunch lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Grade 1 Recess begins at 11:00am

Grade 2 Recess begins at 11:25am

Grade 3 Recess begins at 11:50am

Grade 4 Recess begins at 12:10pm

Grade 5 Recess begins at 12:45pm

PTSA Membership

MCE’s PTSA is very active in organizing/supporting many programs at MCE and throughout the district. Family membership is only $17 and covers all students in your family attending a school in the district. You are not committing to attending meetings or volunteering for a committee when paying dues. You are simply helping PTSA raise the money that is used to support many things for our children. Visit the Membership page to see the many programs supported by PTSA.


After School Enrichment (ASE)

MCE has the largest ASE program of all the elementary schools. Only MCE students can attend MCE ASE activities. To view programs and register, visit the ASE page.


Pittsford has a vibrant community, offering many services and events. The school district, PTSA and community organizations work collaboratively to offer students extended services and opportunities beyond school. Visit the Partner page links on the MCE or District PTSA website.

Welcome Newcomers

Welcome to Mendon Center Elementary School! Parents contributed ideas for this page to help families quickly acclimate to the school. We hope you find it helpful and welcome suggestions for adding information for parents.

Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally there may be opportunities to volunteer in your child's classroom. This is class specific and depends on grade level and teacher. Contact the room parents for more information. If you are unsure who your child's room parents are, contact the PTSA chair or refer to the Student Directory. There are also opportunities to volunteer for PTSA sponsored events and programs. Read the ACE E-news and e-mails from the room parents to learn more about these opportunities.

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