Box Tops for Education

Our school benefits immensely from collecting Box Tops! These funds give the PTSA money to provide several programs throughout the school year. 

Helpful Tips


  • Box Tops can be found on hundreds of food and paper products

  • Please cut around the dotted line of the Box Top and place in a baggie or envelope. (We have to pay for postage, so less paper is always a benefit.)

  • Mention to neighbors and friends that your school collects Box Tops and ask them to save them  

  • There are three drives a year for Box Tops: October, February, June

  • Expired Box Tops are not accepted

  • During the collection months, parents will receive information about when to hand in Box Tops

  • Place Box Tops in a  bag with your child's name on it to hand in


Thanks for your help!

Funds Raised in Previous Years

2015-2016: We raised $2520 in Box Tops! Thank you!!!

2014-2015: We raised $2380 just in Box Tops! Thank you so much, keep on cutting!

2013-2014: We raised $2766 in Box Tops!

2012-2013: We are excited that we increased our fundraising from Box Tops this year. We raised $2586.90. This could not have been achieved without the help of everyone who sent their Box Tops to school. Thank you!

2011-2012: Thank you to everyone who sent in Box Tops! We collected $2,446.70 during the school year. The money raised through Box Tops collections is used by the MCE PTSA to buy extra equipment and resources for our children. Our program is growing, with more and more families saving their Box Tops. Over the summer, please continue to save your Box Tops and ask other family members to save as well. Every little bit helps! Thank you again for your support!!

Don't forget to keep clipping because every dollar matters and helps to fund important programs!

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